School staff vaccination campaign

School staff vaccination campaign Dear School community members, We wish to inform you that all American School personnel are taking part in the state of Puebla’s school staff vaccination campaign that will run from May 25 through 29, 2021. As such, it is possible that our students will have a substitute teacher or be assigned […]

Air quality and ventilation in school settings

Air quality and ventilation in school settings In order to ensure our students’ and School community members’ safe return to classes, we have carried out air quality surveys in all areas of our campuses and have implemented appropriate measures. A group of specialists carried out a series of tests in classrooms as well as other […]

Face-to-Face Learning

In this model, students attend five days a week. Preventative hygiene policies are implemented with physical distancing guidelines.

Campus access

Campus access protocols were established to guarantee low population density on all campuses.

Prevention measures

Everyone’s health and safety is a priority. Therefore, we invite everyone to follow the prevention measures to keep our campuses contagion-free.

Face-to-face Junior High

In this model, students attend five days a week following hygiene protocols and physical distancing measures.


Know what to do if you have been in contact with a person who tested positive, if you have signs, or tested positive.

Presencial Secundaria

En este modelo asisten los alumnos cinco días a la semana siguiendo los protocolos de higiene para mantener la seguridad.