Air quality and ventilation in school settings

In order to ensure our students’ and School community members’ safe return to classes, we have carried out air quality surveys in all areas of our campuses and have implemented appropriate measures.

A group of specialists carried out a series of tests in classrooms as well as other spaces on all campuses. Based on the results of said tests, the School has enacted the following measures aimed at preventing COVID-19 transmission:

  • Air renewal measurements, based on Harvard University’s 5 step guide, were taken in classrooms and other spaces. The following elements were taken into consideration: space dimensions, audio and visual checks, estimation of outside air circulation.
  • An air quality stop light system was implemented. Red light spaces will be equipped with top quality air purifiers. Yellow and green light areas have natural air flow at all times and will be constantly monitored by teaching, security, and Civil Protection staff.

The aforementioned measures demonstrate the American School’s commitment to its community members’ health and well-being.




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by María Cruz Minguillón, IDAEA-CSIC.