Guiding principles

Principles are crucial, especially during times of crisis, because they help people and institutions establish priorities as well as navigate through the confusion, turmoil, and emotion as well as reflect upon their relationships and commitments with others.  The American School considers respect, responsibility, and integrity to be among its core values.

Our guiding principles during the current contingency are:

  1. Act in accordance with the School’s mission, vision, and philosophy;
  2. Work under the face-to-face model as soon as conditions allow;
  3. Make our students’, teachers’, and personnel’s health, safety, and well-being a top priority;
  4. Ensure that our hygiene and health protocols are research-based and that they are shared with community members in a clear and concise manner and that they are implemented effectively and diligently;
  5. Foster practices and policies that reduce the risk of transmission and that can easily adapt to rapidly changing health scenarios.