Students come to school Monday to Friday, they must wear a face mask in closed spaces and wash their hands multiple times a day. Materials and toys will be disinfected every day. 

Pre-kinder schedule and conditions

  • Our students’ social-emotional well-being is a priority.  As such, grade year counselors will meet with each group once a week a weekly session in order to support students’ social-emotional well-being. The grade year counselor will carry out language development sessions once a week.
  • Once a week students visit the sensory room with their teacher.
  • Twice a week students will have Bilingual Stimulation sessions.
  • Every group has 30 minutes to take their lunch and 30 minutes for recess in open spaces. 
  • Teachers will watch over students at all times. 
  • Appointments with parents will be carried out virtually.

Preschool schedule and conditions

  • Students and group teachers or counselors will have scheduled visits to the sensory room.
  • Counselors will meet with each group on a weekly basis to work on areas, such as emotional support, social-emotional intelligence, language development, and conflict resolution. 
  • Only School personnel will be allowed to enter our campus.

School Day

  • Students will wear face masks in closed spaces, the use of face masks in open spaces is optional. 
  • Hands hygiene is a habit that we will continue to promote during the school day. We recommend giving your children a handcream with no fragrance so that they can apply it to their hands after washing them and avoid rashes and dry skin. 
  • Please avoid sending your children to school wearing masks with exhalation valves, prefer the use of medical grade face masks.

Materials use

Classrooms and materials

  • Teachers and teaching assistants will be in charge of disinfecting their classrooms and materials.
  • All toys will be washed at the end of the school day. If this were not possible, said toys will be stored and remain unused.
  • All school supplies will remain on campus. Supplies will not be taken nor brought from home.
  • Each student will use the pencils, colored pencils, or crayons found in their cases.
  • Students cannot bring any toys from home.

Toys and manipulatives

  • All toys and manipulatives will be washed after class.
  • Stuffed toys, pillows, and cushions will be removed from the classroom.


  • These devices are not to be shared.
  • They will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Students will wash their hands before and after using said devices.

Other materials

  • Whiteboards and whiteboard markers will be cleaned after use.

Media Center

  • The Follett Destiny platform is available to all community members (students, teachers and parents).  An extensive collection of books and videos can be found on said platform.
  • Teachers will have a small book selection in the classroom. Once students are finished with said books, they will be stored and then cleaned at the end of the day.

Student responsibilities

  • Students are only allowed to enter School facilities between 7:30 a.m. and 8:20 a.m.
  • Students must enter unaccompanied through their assigned doors.
  • Students must wear their face masks in closed spaces. 
  • Students must keep a safe distance at all times. 
  • Students are expected to bring only necessary items (lunch box, sweater or jacket, gloves).

Parents responsibilities

  • Parents can arrive when the doors open for the start of day as well as the end of day.  There is a 10-minute tolerance window (8:20 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.) for the start of the day.  It is therefore imperative that parents are punctual and that they comply with or established norms and protocols.
  • Express drop off: Teachers and/or teaching assistants will help students get out of their cars and will take them to the Preschool entrance. Then, Preschool and School Security staff will direct students through the Pre-kinder garden area and onto their classrooms.
  • As we do every year, we invite parents to help their children become more independent. If a student requires special assistance, the grade year counselor will establish conditions that allow the student in question to remain on campus.  Those students who continue to experience difficulties, in spite of the aforementioned conditions, will not be able to remain on campus. 
  • Pre-kinder parents can arrive at the end of day in the express pick up mode during the PAS B-Learning and face-to-face models.  Access doors will open at 1:15 p.m. for Pre-kinder and at 1:30 p.m. for Kinder 1, 2, and 3.
  • Please note that Preschool and Primary siblings will meet at the Preschool access door at 1:30 p.m.
  • It is important that parents submit an identification card for each of their children in order for the School to know which adults are authorized to pick them up.
  • All communication with group teachers will be via online Meet sessions.
  • Students and parents are expected to abide by these preventative measures given that they are aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of all community members.

Group Size

  • Pre-kinder classes are given to groups of 14 students. Classroom spaces and learning experiences will be organized in keeping with physical distancing measures. There will be a maximum number of 4 students at each table and in the blue area in order to ensure adequate distancing between students.
  • Kinder 1 classroom groups have 18 students maximum, which means only three will be seated at each table. Students can also work in the other learning spaces.
  • Kinder 2 and Kinder 3 classroom groups have 22 students. The small group tables will be used as individual work spaces.
  • The Pre-kinder and Preschool groups have designated areas for outdoor activities or recess.

Meal time

  • We recommend that parents send healthy food options that will cover students’ nutritional needs.  
  • All students will eat their meals in their classrooms under the supervision of their group teacher and in keeping with physical distancing and hygiene measures.
  • It is imperative that students come to school with sufficient amounts of water or other beverages given that the water fountains and water coolers will not be available until further notice.

Prevention measures and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Teachers and support staff will be in charge of disinfecting their classrooms and materials.
  • Teachers will reinforce correct handwashing techniques and ensure that students wash their hands on a frequent basis.
  • Students must wear face masks upon entering and leaving School facilities. The use of face masks in open spaces is optional.