Junior High

Students attend in-person classes five days a week and abide by preventive measures aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of all community members. 

Junior High Prevention Measures

We will continue to abide by previously established health and hygiene measures:  

  • The use of face masks is obligatory for all community members in closed spaces, it is optional in open spaces. 
  • The increase in the maximum number of students per classroom is in keeping with our previously established health and safety protocols as well as Ministry of Education (SEP) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.
  • Teachers will be present in the hallways and other areas in order to avoid crowding and ensure a safe school environment.  
  •       Prefects and teachers will play a crucial part in encouraging students to abide by physical distancing measures.
  • The Ministry of Education has decided that high-density activities, such as the flag ceremony, will be canceled until further notice for the 21-22 year.


  • Encourage students to abide by physical distancing and hygiene measures in all classes and times of the day.
  • Students are expected to wear the formal dress uniform and their athletic uniform for Physical Education class and activities.
  • All lockers will remain closed and clean.
  • We will carry out activities focused on health, well-being, and social-emotional support on a daily basis through counseling and homeroom activities as well as through the “Emotions and myself” class.


The start and end of day times will remain the same. End of day on Monday is 2:50 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. from Tuesday through Friday.  Student groups will meet from Tuesday through Friday.  

  • Doors open at 7:00 a.m.
  • Classes begin at 7:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday.
  • The Technology Workshops will be given during the course of the school day meaning that students no longer need to stay in the afternoon.
  • Student Groups will meet from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
Monday through Friday
Doors open7:00 a.m.
Start of day7:30 a.m.
End of day2:30 p.m.
Student GroupsMonday through Thursday 2:30 - 3:30 pm

1. Responsibilities of School Community Members

All School members and visitors must wear a face mask in closed spaces, wash their hands frequently and keep a safe distance. The use of face masks in open spaces is optional. 

We expect that a respect for rules, policies, expectations as well as the safety of others be evident through a series of actions that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How all School community members and visitors to our campus interact with each other in and out of the classroom, and take responsibility for maintaining a healthy environment;
  • How all School community members and visitors to our campus treat others—nurses, maintenance, safety, office, and cafeteria staff, teachers, among others—as people deserving of respect and a safe environment;
  • How all School community members and visitors to our campus comply with School staff (nurses, safety, office and cafeteria staff, teachers, among others) requests to follow established and published rules;
  • How all School community members and visitors to our campus follow self-screening guidelines for symptoms of respiratory illness and refrain from coming to campus when symptomatic. 

Upon entering campus, students will be:

  • subject to temperature screenings
  • asked to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands on a frequent basis. 

All those who wish to enter campus must:

  • Wear face masks in closed spaces
  •  Wash their hands on a frequent basis.

2. Parent responsibilities

 In order to keep our community healthy, it is imperative that the first health screening take place at home.  In other words, we request that parents refrain from sending their teens to School if they present any symptoms of respiratory illness.  This measure will help us ensure the health and well-being of the American School community.

  • Verify if teens present any signs or symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough, sneezing, fever, headache, breathing difficulties, sore throat, runny nose, bloodshot eyes, and/or muscular or joint pain.  Teens who present any of these symptoms, will not be allowed to enter any of our school campuses.
  • Ensure that teens have washed their hands before leaving home.
  • Make sure teens are wearing mouth covers before getting out of their vehicles.  Remember that mouth covers are required in order to enter any of our campuses.

3. Prevention measures during the school day

a) Classrooms: 

  • Teachers and support staff will be in charge of disinfecting their classrooms and materials.
  • In order to support physical distancing measures students are expected to abide by physical distancing protocols at all times.

b) Ágora and recess:

  • Meals:  We recommend that students bring prepared meals and snacks from home. 
  • Junior High cafeteria:  There will be two lines (one for orders and the other for pick up). While in either line, students and/or staff are expected to stand 1.5 to 2 meters apart.  
  • Microwaves: Students will wait their turn in line and are expected to stand 1.5 to 2 meters apart.  
  • Recess and afternoon extracurricular activities: Parents will not be allowed to bring meals to their teens during the school day or during afternoon activities. 
  • Ágora stands: Signage will indicate in which area and row students can sit (in keeping with physical distancing measures).
  • Field number 2 and multi-purpose courts: Students will be able to make use of these areas during recess.  Field number 3 will be used for our Physical Education classes.  
  • Students are allowed to buy food at the School’s cafeteria through the app or with cash.   

d) Campus access:

  • Entrance: One access point is door 4 of the Las Ánimas parking lot.  The second access point is located off the Diagonal de la 19 Poniente. Parents will not be allowed to get out of their cars in order to enter the Junior High.  As a physical distancing measure.
  • Exit:  Via the access point located off the Diagonal de la 19 Poniente, Preschool internal bay, as well as the express drop off/pick up lane that one can enter via door 4 of the parking lot.